Electrical & Mechanical Testing

Comptec has several in-house testing capabilities.

Comptec is capable of performing many ASTM tests. These testing procedures check the quality of the raw material, establish material strength data and determine ultimate strengths of components to ensure that every component we make is of the finest quality and will function as required.

Electrical product testing capability.

  • Our electrical test lab is able to test to 150kV hipot and 100kV partial discharge.

Mechanical product testing capability.

  • Comptec has the ability to do tensile and compression testing in-house. 
  • Comptec’s test lab has the capability of pressure testing
  • Comptec’s test lab can perform thermal cycle capability testing.
Comptec's in-house testing facility runs coupon samples to check for various material properties. By performing a series of standard electrical, mechanical and heat distortion tests on our manufactured materials, we can verify that the material meets industry specifications for quality and performance.


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