Custom Fiberglass Products Manufactured to Your Specifications

Our filament winding process utilizes a resin matrix and a reinforcing fiber, wound in a precise pattern to produce the ultimate mechanical strength and dielectric properties required for each specific application.

We have the engineering capability to combine three families of resins with four types of reinforcing fibers, creating custom filament wound products that are lightweight and have high mechanical strength. They also are corrosion resistant, wear resistant and have excellent electrical insulation properties. Depending on the application, our engineers will work with you to develop a product using a combination of resins and fibers creating a solution to fit your needs. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help develop a custom glass fiber filament wound product to meet your challenges.

Oil Circuit Breaker Interrupter Tube

Types of Resins Used in the Production of our Fiberglass Filament Wound Products:

  • Epoxy Resins - Most commonly used in our products because of its high-strength and excellent electrical insulating properties.
  • Vinyl Ester Resins - Corrosion resistant resin used in corrosive environments such as acid.
  • Polyester Resins - Basic resin for basic functionality in common environments and applications.

Types of Fibers Used In The Production Of Our Filament Wound Products:

  • Glass Fibers - Used for high strength and excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Carbon Fibers - Used for very high strength and lightweight applications
  • Kevlar Fibers - Used when wear and impact resistant applications are needed
  • Polyester Fibers - Electrical insulation and lower cost applications

Our Advanced Filament Wound Products Have Properties Including:

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Wear Resistance

Our Advanced Filament Wound Products Have Properties Including:

  • Diameters of 1/2" to 5 feet
  • Lengths of 1/2" to 40 feet
  • Variety of custom shapes including round, square, rectangular and other
  • Tapers
  • Local build-ups